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Chlorinating Concentrate-granular form
Brindlee Mt. Pools LLC Products
We take pride in our wide selection of quality products. All of the products we offer are from trusted brands.

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Pool Season's Chlorinating Concentrate 90
is the strongest available chlorine in granular form. This quick dissolving trichlor product should only be used in white plaster pools due to the possible bleaching effects on vinyl surfaces.
High quality and 100% customer satisfaction are our top priorities.
Pool Season® has a wide-array of sanitizers – in stabilized chlorine, bromine and shock treatment varieties.

Chlorine is probably the most well known among the sanitizers and provides the ideal makeup to safeguard your swimming pool water. Pool Season products use stabilized chlorine concentrates that perform like sun shields in your pool. Stabilized chlorine constantly replenishes stabilizers lost to splash-out and filter backwashing.
The marketplace is full of chlorine alternatives , but the product remains a best seller year after year because it is the most effective and economical pool sanitizer available. It contains algae and bacteria killing components as well as an oxidizer – making it the gold-standard for pool care. Available in tablets, sticks and concentrate, Pool Season has a stabilized chlorine product to fit your needs.

Chlorinating Tablets and Sticks
For optimum sanitizing power, Pool Season recommends using chlorinating tablets such as the 1-inch chlorinating tablet or the 3-inch Giant Size Chlorinating Tablets. With 90-percent available chlorine and built in chlorine stabilizers, the 1-inch chlorinating tablets make proper chlorine level maintenance a breeze. The 1-inch tablets are well-suited for most automatic feeders and floaters.

As an alternative to chlorine sanitization, Pool Season offers its clients the easy-to-use 1-inch brominating tablet. Like chlorine, the bromine is an effective and reliable form of sanitization. Many customers select the bromine version because they consider it a milder option. With less odor and a wider pH range than the chlorine version, brominating tablets are a popular choice for indoor pools and spas.
Bromine tablets are slow dissolving, so they must be fed into a pool through a brominator. 

Swimmers and the environment contribute wastes to your pool that can lead to algae build up and dull, cloudy water. To eliminate these unwanted elements and return your pool to its original radiance, shock your pool on a regular basis (typically every two weeks for residential pools and once a week for commercial pools). Pool Season has a full line of shock options – including non-chlorine versions

ShockWave – Calcium Hypochlorite
With the shocking power of 65 percent available chlorine, the calcium-based 
shocker is available in a variety of convenient sizes. 

Super ShockWave – Calcium Hypochlorite
Pool Season takes ShockWave to a new level with 70 percent available chlorine.

Lithium Shock 35
One in a number of quick dissolvers in the Pool Season line, Lithium Shock 35 is a vinyl pool owner’s dream. The granular shock treatment with 35 percent available chlorine effectively kills all waste and resistant algae while its completely soluble nature reduces the possibility of bleaching. 

Non-Chlorine Shock

Classified as an oxidizer, this shock treatment is oxygen-based and contains no chlorine. However, like its chlorine counterpart, the oxidizer is an effective waste remover, restoring your pool’s shimmer. Feel free to shock and swim with this treatment – the water is ready for a dip in just 15 minutes.

Lithium Hypochlorite

This fast-acting member of the Pool Season® shock treatment family dissolves rapidly, making it an ideal choice for vinyl pools. Sold in granular form with 35 percent available chlorine, the Lithium Hypochlorite will not cloud the pool water. The lithium base makes it an obvious choice for areas with high water hardness because it contains no calcium which can exacerbate hard water build up. 

Maintaining the appropriate chemistry in your water is easy with Pool Season®'s diverse line of balancers. To determine appropriate applications for each of these products, consult the Pool Care Guide on this Web site or contact your authorized Pool Season dealer. 
Conditioner – Cyanuric Acid

Cut down on chlorine loss caused by the sun with this granular form conditioner. With 100 percent cyanuric acid stabilizer, chlorine is contained in your pool water where it continues its job of killing bacteria and keeping your pool clean and clear. 
pH Minus

Slowly lower your pH with this convenient granular product. The easy-to-use pH minus is just as effective as liquid acids in both pools and spas.
Alkalinity Plus

A simplified approach to raising the total alkalinity in your pool water, Alkalinity Plus is an effective choice. Available in a granular form, the product works as a buffer against pH change.
Calcium Hardness Increaser

Increasing your calcium hardness level prevents your pool water from becoming corrosive and protects your pool and pool equipment. Pool Season’s increaser helps prevent etching and staining and is easy to apply.
pH Plus

When your pH dips below the proper range of 7.2-7.6, pH Plus provides a safe and convenient solution. The granular product is suited for all swimming pool types and causes minimal effects on the overall alkalinity of the pool water.